Is Joe Tippens still cancer free in 2021? This is a common question for those who have followed Mr. Tippens cancer journey since he was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer in 2016. Each year, people are wanting to know if he is still in remission, or if his cancer has returned.

Is Joe Tippens Cancer Free?


Joe Tippens was diagnosed with lung cancer and created the Joe Tippens Protocol using fenbendazole
Joe Tippens [Image via YouTube/screenshot]

As mentioned above, Joe Tippens was diagnosed with cancer in 2016. Since then, he has documented his story on his personal blog Get Busy Living. In his blog, Joe describes his diagnosis, his prognosis, and the treatments he underwent. He also explains how he developed the Joe Tippens Protocol and what all that entails. He posts frequent updates, not only about himself, but about other success stories as well. Most recently, in June 2021, Joe revealed that he is still NED (no evidence of disease). Not only did Joe reveal he is still cancer free, he also shared that more research is being done on the use of fenbendazole, the primary ingredient in his protocol, in people with cancer.

“The following paper was recently issued by Stanford University and University of Washington,” Tippens wrote. “The significance? All clinicians, scientists AND patients come from the project we started at the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation to begin auditing success stories.”

Click here to read the paper.

Joe also hinted that a big change may soon be coming to his protocol. He included in his June 2021 post, “My continued research never ends. I am hopeful to be able to upgrade the protocol very soon with changes that I believe might be “game changers.””

What is the Joe Tippens Protocol?

Joe Tippens founded the protocol after he was told a story about a scientist at Merck Animal Health that had been performing cancer research on mice. The research included injecting different types of cancers into different mice body parts. It was discovered, through trial and error, a product in their canine product line, fenbendazole, was batting 1.000 in killing these different cancers in the mice. The scientist was later diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer and was given a grim prognosis of only three months to live. She decided to try the fenbendazole, and after six weeks, showed a clean scan and was cancer free.

Joe Tippens had been initially diagnosed with small cell lung cancer. The cancer later spread to his neck, right lung, stomach, liver, bladder, pancreas and tail bone. Joe was also told he only had three months to live. In 2017, after hearing the story of the scientist who treated her cancer with a canine drug, Joe decided he was going to do the same. However, in addition to taking the fenbendazole, Joe added his own ingredients to the regimen (curcumin, CBD oil, and vitamin E), thus creating the Joe Tippens Cancer Protocol. Tippens has been on the protocol since and has remained cancer free to this day.

Original Joe Tippens Cancer Protocol Dosages

Fenbendazole: 222 mg per day seven days a week with food.

Curcumin: 600 mg (2 pills per day) of bio-available curcumin 7 days a week.

CBD oil: 25 mg sublingually (under the tongue) seven days a week.

Vitamin E (optional): 400-800mg per day, seven days a week.

fenbendazole cancer treatment
CBD oil is part of the Joe Tippens Protocol
Tumeric curcumin used for Joe Tippen's Protocol

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