Baja Gold Sea Salt


Laura’s Mercantile brings you the best. We decided that trace mineral salt was the next critical element to bring to your table, as more and more health-conscious people and professionals have recognized widespread mineral deficiency as a result of the modern diet. Enter Baja Gold Sea salt. 


The tradition of creating sea salt from the Sea of Cortez was first mentioned in pre-Colombian history when its prized product was sent as tribute to the Aztec emperor. Thanks to salt-making traditions inherited and continually passed down through the generations, Baja Gold is produced by using time-tested salt-making methods. 

Unlike other sea and table salt brands, Baja Gold is unprocessed and unrefined, harvested from a sea containing lower salinity than the oceans. International salt companies, like Cargill and Morton, wash their sea salt to create clean white salt. This process removes minerals and creates almost pure sodium chloride.  International regulations require that a product labeled as “table salt” must contain a minimum of 97-99% sodium chloride. The sodium chloride contained in Baja Gold is considerably less at 72-75%, increasing the total mineral and trace element content.

Current health practitioners throughout the world are learning that natural Baja Gold Sea Salt contains many minerals and trace elements that are essential to human health but are lacking in other sea and rock salts. Chefs and culinary artists are discovering that minerals and trace elements contained in natural sea salt like Baja Gold bring a new dimension to their creations by increasing gastronomic value with its flavor and soft texture. It is the Gold Standard of sea salt arriving at your table unprocessed and