Here at Laura’s Mercantile, we value freedom and those who protect it.

Laura’s husband, Bill Kingsbury (Wildcat Willy, as we like to call him), is a combat-wounded Green Beret who’s been living with PTSD since the tunnels of Cambodia.

He uses Homestead CBD to “let his brain take over” when he has a trigger episode, and it helps relieve his arthritis and pain from a pinched nerve.

We want to make CBD available to all those like Bill. To that end, we offer a CBD discount program for eligible active military* and veteran customers.

Military and Veteran CBD Discount

The military/veteran discount is 15% off all future orders with Free Standard Shipping; excluding bundles, on-sale items, and other promotions.

What’s Required To Join?

All US active military members* and veterans should provide a scan or photo of documentation indicating their military status or veteran endorsement. This discount only applies to active military members and veterans. We cannot offer discounts for friends or family members.

Qualifying documents include:

  • VA card
  • DD-214 (or other honorable discharge paperwork)
  • Military service records
  • State-issued driver’s license (OR) photo ID with a “veteran” classification.

Join The Program

Please send your documentation to or complete the form below.

CBD Military and Veteran Discount
Katherine Cornell took this picture of Bill in his uniform, which we all call “the sergeant picture.” It was taken after he trained in Panama and attended language school, before he shipped out for Vietnam.

    *Military Policy on CBD

    To our knowledge, CBD (including hemp-derived CBD) is forbidden for use by any service member. You may also be required to disclose taking CBD to your doctor if you visit a military medical facility. If you are subject to random drug tests, it is possible for CBD to cause a positive test for THC. Taking that risk is ultimately up to your discretion.