goldenseal contains berberine

Does berberine work for weight loss?

A recently published comparison of many randomized controlled trials testing berberine, not directly focused on weight loss, showed a strong benefit in the body’s ability to process sugars— the A1C number that you may have seen on commercials. Their data also showed it improves insulin resistance, reduces inflammation and improves lipid metabolism. Improving the body’s…

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sochan aka cut leaf coneflower wild spring greens

Wild Spring Greens

Peak wild greens season is eagerly anticipated across our hemisphere. An all-too-fleeting moment of nutritious, delicious gourmet abundance from early to mid-spring, the spring greens of field and forest flourish, set seed and fade away before gardeners pick the first asparagus. In Kentucky, we enjoy dozens of unique species which fortify and nourish the body, each with a unique range of health affirming properties, broad spectrum vitamin and mineral content, and delightful flavors.

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Yellow color indicates berberine in goldenseal

Health Benefits of Berberine in Goldenseal

Berberine sounds about like a miracle compound (!) – protects your liver, fights tumors, regulates blood sugar, kills aggressive germs, reduces inflammation and other damage to cells. This is why the plants which contain this compound-of-many-uses have been honored by plant-medicine traditions for centuries, including Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine and others.

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