What are “Climate Smart Farms” and “Climate Smart Markets”?

Over the past couple of decades, climate “smartness” has gained increasing attention as governments and corporations think about how to make our food system stronger in the face of external shocks like weather disasters. Simultaneously, these same folks want to find their way to “net zero” by reducing carbon emissions in supply chains or trading credits for carbon drawn down from the atmosphere into farm soils through good farming practices. These “climate-smart” farming practices are the heart of a major new investment by USDA.

USDA Climate-Smart Commodities Program
USDA Partnerships for Climate-Smart Commodities

We received grant funding through this investment pool, to build a network of smart farmers in the Ohio River Valley, and link these farmers to regional brands. These regional brands, including an up-and-coming beef brand, help our customers purchase clean food and plant medicine, grown in ways that improve our land, air and water.

Plenty of people see that its time for a shift in the way we treat the land that sustains us. This is our take on that work, in our place — with a regenerative farm at the center and energetic local businesses radiating outward. Join us. The more we can all pull in the direction of a small farm future, the better the world will be for the next generation.

Climate-Smart Markets + Regenerative Agriculture in the Ohio River Valley

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