sochan aka cut leaf coneflower wild spring greens

Wild Spring Greens

Peak wild greens season is eagerly anticipated across our hemisphere. An all-too-fleeting moment of nutritious, delicious gourmet abundance from early to mid-spring, the spring greens of field and forest flourish, set seed and fade away before gardeners pick the first asparagus. In Kentucky, we enjoy dozens of unique species which fortify and nourish the body, each with a unique range of health affirming properties, broad spectrum vitamin and mineral content, and delightful flavors.

Berberine found in goldenseal, for your health

What is Berberine and what benefits does it have? Well, to hear it straight from the folks publishing in Drug Metabolism Reviews, “Berberine, a bioactive alkaloid isolated from several herbal substances, possesses multiple pharmacological effects, including antimicrobial, antidiabetic, anticancer activities. Meanwhile, berberine undergoes extensive metabolism after oral administration which results in its extremely low plasma…

How does CBD improve autoimmune conditions like lupus and rheumatoid arthritis?

CBD seems to have three modes of action for reducing the severity of autoimmune conditions. First the anti-inflammatory nature of CBD reduces the triggers for the over-sensitive immune system and can also counteract the inflammation that has been caused by the misdirected autoimmune response. Second, cannabinoids have antioxidant properties and autoimmune diseases are at least…