Laura’s Hemp Chocolates 3oz Bag Dark Chocolate Bark with Cranberries


Shipping chocolates in the hot summers of Kentucky is not cheap. This year we are asking our valued customers to shop with us at our flagship store, The Mercantile On Main. If you’re not familiar with our store, you can learn more here. If you’re in the greater Kentucky area, check out retailer map here, or if you have a preferred retailer, ask them to carry our products. If you have any other questions, you can contact us at or call us at 859.474.8218. We apologize for this inconvenience.


Our hemp and cranberry dark chocolate bark is our healthiest candy, made with organic hemp seed, dark chocolate, and dried cranberries.

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  • 3 ounces in each Bag
  • Vegan, containing no milk, butter, or other animal products.
  • Contains no CBD or THC.

These chocolates make exceptional gifts, lovely hostess presents, and nice stocking stuffers for the health and wellness supporter on your list.


  • Hemp seed contains every amino acid we need, and has plant proteins that work toward a strong immune system.
  • Hemp seeds have the ideal ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6 fatty acids, which we cannot synthesize.
  • Dark chocolate ensures the numerous and well-documented benefits of chocolate’s antioxidants and flavonoids, without too much sugar.

Hemp seed is also a well-known anti-inflammatory food. Many of life’s health scourges are the result of inflammation, so choosing an anti-inflammatory diet is something we all should do.

These pouches are designed with a zip enclosure and are meant for sharing. Keep one in your kitchen, and another at your desk. And, yes, they make great gifts or stocking stuffers during the holiday season.


We are an environmental company at the core and so we are determined to avoid styrofoam and unrecyclable plastic.

We use natural fiber insulated shippers, an environmental alternative to stryofoam. The biodegradable (compostable) insulation is made from cotton and other natural fibers. It is wrapped in recyclable plastic. Reuse the insulation as much as you’d like, and then remove it from the plastic and compost it.

Our packing peanuts are made from vegetable starch, and are compostable. The shipping box is recyclable and the ice packs are reusable. Thanks for embarking with us on our mission to ship chocolate in the summer.


Laura’s Hemp Chocolates contain no THC or CBD. All hemp for Laura’s Hemp Chocolates is derived from the grain variety of hemp.