Laura’s Homestead Alternatives Extra Relief Pack (10% Savings)


When surveyed, 85% of our customers who use a CBD topical told us they combine it with our CBD oil/extract, primarily for joint pain and muscle soreness. And so this mighty duo was born!

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Each day, Laura takes one dropper of the Extra Strength CBD Oil/Extract for full-body relief, and rubs the CBD Topical Lotion on her shoulder. The duo helps her stay active on the tennis courts and in the fields.

Our Extra Strength CBD Oil was created by request for neurological conditions as described in the National Institute of Health’s patent, and CBD may offer relief for conditions caused by inflammation.

All Homestead Alternatives CBD is extracted from USDA-certified organic hemp grown by us here at Laura’s farm, Mt. Folly. Raising the hemp organically means no chemical fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides are used, and ensures no toxic heavy metals make it into your CBD.

We know other plants grown organically suggest stronger nutrients. We suspect  this to be similar for hemp — that organically-grown hemp suggests stronger cannabinoids and terpene profiles, which make us feel better. Learn more about what it takes to be certified organic and why organic hemp is our preferred choice.

Note: Discount and promotional codes do not apply to this product, as it is already discounted.


  • Laura’s Homestead Alternatives Extra Strength Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil/extract (3,000mg CBD)
  • Laura’s Homestead Alternatives Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Topical Lotion (600mg CBD)


To ensure every CBD product meets label claims, we contract with a USA-based, accredited lab which specializes in hemp testing. Laura stands behind the potency of Homestead CBD products.

You can view our lab results, search your individual test batch, and see Mt. Folly’s organic hemp certification on our Hemp Certifications page.


From pain reduction and inflammation to brain health, see what the science says about how CBD works in the body and brain.


All CBD products listed on this website are grown in the Kentucky Department of Agriculture’s Hemp Program and contain less than 0.3% THC.

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