Full spectrum CBD products are the most beneficial for your body to consume due to the entourage effect created by the full spectrum of ingredients. An entourage effect describes the combination of ingredients working together giving the body an opportunity to redeem the full benefits of the CBD product.

 Full spectrum CBD products do contain a small amount of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (from here on referred to as THC) which can be detected on a drug screening, however, in this instance the THC is one of the ingredients that help the body to absorb the many natural benefits of CBD, a prime example of the entourage effect. 

CBD topical products are an exception as these products only interact with cells at the application site, therefore not entering the bloodstream and passing through the liver, meaning they will not show up on a drug screen.

Some of the factors affecting the likelihood of full spectrum CBD being flagged on a drug test include, metabolism, frequency of dose, dosage, and method of testing. There are multiple testing methods used to detect drugs in the human body. Full spectrum CBD, if detected at all, is typically flagged on a “dip stick urine test” which separates molecules by weight. Given that THC and CBD have nearly identical molecular weights, CBD could be mistaken for THC on this type of test. There is a higher likelihood of CBD being detected if it was consumed within the 24-hour period prior to the test. A true toxicological blood test can distinguish the difference between CBD and THC.

An alternative to full spectrum CBD is CBD Isolate. CBD isolate is the CBD molecule separated from the rest of the hemp plant, which will have no trace of THC. However, CBD Isolate does not possess the entourage effect and therefore does not provide the same benefits as a full spectrum product. Some of those benefits include terpenes, flavonoids, vitamins and proteins which are all nutritional compounds that aid in overall wellness (“Does CBD Show Up on a Drug Test?,”2019). In addition, CBD Isolate products are highly processed and not natural.

Although CBD has not yet received FDA approval, here at Mt. Folly Farm where the hemp for Laura’s Mercantile products is grown, we work directly with Kentucky Congressional Delegation to ensure we are following all Federal regulations. Full-spectrum products are the most beneficial to consume, however, because there is a small chance that CBD products may be flagged on a drug test it is to your benefit to discuss with your HR department the required testing methods in order to prevent a false positive for THC that could cause problems with employment status. 

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