The color of CBD oil is dependent on a couple of factors and generally is a good way to tell what quality of product you are buying / looking at. CBD oil can range from a light gold color to an almost black or dark brown color. Generally speaking the darker the color, the more concentrated the product is. CBD Isolate or CBD by itself is an almost clear color. Full-spectrum CBD oil is a darker color as it is a more concentrated hemp extract. 

Factors affecting the color include the carrier oil, additional ingredients, and the methods of extraction. Additional ingredients tend to include added flavors which vary from brand to brand as well as different products within one brand. Some methods of extraction include, CO2 extraction, Steam distillation, hydrocarbon solvent extraction, and natural solvent extraction. 

Laura’s Mercantile CBD oil is golden in color and our product is as close to the natural plant as possible, meaning that they are full spectrum and contain the maximum amount of benefits. 

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