Laura’s Canine Alternatives Large Breed CBD Dog Treats (120mg CBD)


Our CBD dog treats, made from USDA-certified organic hemp grown at Laura’s Mt. Folly Farm, are perfect for promoting relaxation in stressful situations and mobility in dogs who need joint pain relief. Our artisan dog biscuit bakers are committed to using only the best, all-natural quality ingredients.

These treats are intended to be used as a supplement; they are not intended to be a primary or sole nutrition source or to be used as a standard dog treat.


We’d like to bring to your attention…

we have changed the packaging bag size for logistical reasons;
the quantity of treats per bag has been reduced.

With above change,
we were able to also reduce the cost per treat, share that savings with you,
and still give you the same quality you expect!

Laura’s Canine Alternatives CBD Extract – Bacon Flavored (375mg)

Laura’s Canine Alternatives CBD Extract – Natural Flavored (375mg)

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Way out here in the country, we’re in big dog land. We have two Anatolian Shepherds guarding our goat herd, and our family dog is Fritz, a German Shepherd. Fritz’s first owners kept him in a crate for most of his first year of life, but now he enjoys acres of freedom.

Yet, he becomes anxious when we leave, barking at cars and trucks as they go up and down the gravel road past the house. We still love him, but we wanted to reduce his stress and anxiety. One 10mg Laura’s Canine Alternatives CBD Dog Treat seems to calm him down. After a treat in the morning, we can leave the farm without Fritz “losing it.” Trucks carrying members of our farm team still go past the house all day long, but Fritz is calmer now, and more content.


  • 12 treats per bag at 10mg of CBD per treat (120mg CBD total per bag)
  • Made in USA
  • CBD extracted from USDA-certified organic hemp grown at Laura’s Mt. Folly Farm
  • Third-party tested for label accuracy
  • Corn-free, soy-free, no additives
  • Free of peas, lentils, other legume seeds (pulses) and potatoes in various forms (whole, flour, protein, etc.)

Ingredients: Cannabidiol (CBD) derived from Mt. Folly Farm organic hemp (0.3% THC), organic wheat flour, organic peanut butter powder, water, coconut oil, organic hulled hemp seeds.


Early research on CBD for dogs has been positive. In particular, it’s shown an ability to relieve symptoms of osteoarthritis and reduce the frequency of seizures. Learn more about the science of CBD for dogs.

Also, refer to our Science page to learn more about CBD in general.


Refer to the table below to see our recommended CBD dosage for large breed dogs per 24-hour period. You’ll also find this table on the back of the dog treats package.

Chart for how much CBD to give a large dog. CBD dosage for large breed dogs.


Our hemp is grown without use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides. Additionally, research shows organically-farmed foods are more nutritious than foods grown conventionally. We believe this to be similar for hemp — that organic hemp suggests stronger cannabinoids, like CBD, which make our furry friends feel better. See our USDA Organic Certification.


To ensure every batch of CBD we place in your hands is what we say it is, we contract with a USA-based, accredited lab which specializes in hemp testing. We offer just the same assurances on our pet CBD products as we do on our human CBD products. Know that Laura is looking out for your pets!

You can view our lab results, search your individual test batch, and see Mt. Folly’s organic hemp certification on our Hemp Certifications page.


All CBD products listed on this website are grown in the Kentucky Department of Agriculture’s Hemp Program and contain less than 0.3% THC.

Consult your veterinarian before giving CBD to your dog, especially if the dog is taking other medication.

These statements and products have not been evaluated or tested by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.