Seven Hills Coffee (Asprocdegua)


Established in 1986 by Cincinnati natives Joe Morris and Andy Timmerman, Seven Hills Coffee quickly became a pioneer in Fair Trade certification by 1999. Our contributions include nearly 700,000 pounds of organic Fair Trade coffee sales, fostering sustainability, better wages, and environmental stewardship for farmers and their families.

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We strive to purchase all of our coffees at their peak of freshness after they are harvested. Our green coffees are bagged at origin in grain pro or ecotact bags to preserve their fresh cup character throughout the year. We roast our beans in 3 Sivetz coffee roasters. This process roasts the beans as they float on a column of fresh, hot air. This is a complete departure from traditional drum roasting where the heated beans are tumbled and stirred inside a closed roast chamber.

During any roasting process, smoke, chaff, any number of other compounds are created. The Sivetz roast method flushes all of these byproducts from the roast chamber as soon as they are created. This prevents the beans from retaining any flavors but those of its origin, the result being a cleaner tasting, better developed flavor profile.

Additionally, the Sivetz process roasts the beans to a set temperature, not a subjective color. This allows for a roast that is consistent and can be exactly duplicated, batch after batch. This coffee is the best! And it supports an honest small business providing good jobs in our Ohio River Valley foodshed. Here’s to great coffee.

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1 lb (16 ounces) Ground, 1lb (16 ounces) Whole Bean