What are the current Joe Tippen’s Protocol products?

The Joe Tippen’s Cancer Protocol has recently been updated to include specific products from Onco for curcumin and berberine. But, it still includes CBD from a trusted source and 222mg of Fenbendazole and optional usage of vitamin e.


Joe Tippens Protocol 2024 Products

CBD Oil From a Trusted Source: (25mg/day) We recommend our Full Spectrum 1500mg. To learn more about our CBD, start here. To shop our CBD, shop here.

Onco Pathway 2 Curcumin: 600 mg of bio-available curcumin 7 days a week. Shop here.

Onco Pathway 3 Berberine: Glucose metabolism to starve cancer cells from sugar. Shop here.

Onco Pathway 4 Brown Rice Conjugate: Using Brown Rice Protein as the scaffold. Shop here.

Fenbendazole (Safegaurd Brand is Joe Recomended): 222 mg per day seven days a week with food. You can find this at your local pet store.

Vitamin E (optional): 400-800mg per day, seven days a week. We offer Now Vitamin E. Shop here

Liver Cleanse (optional): 3 capsules = 1 serving, 7 days a week. We now offer Liver Cleanse Shop here

Joe Tippens used dog dewormer to treat cancer
Joe Tippens used a dog dewormer for treatment after being diagnosed with small cell lung cancer. [Image via YouTube/screenshot]

Joe Tippens use of fenbendazole as an alternative has drawn skepticism from people all around the world. However, since he started his protocol, Tippens has been cancer free, making the skeptics reconsider their stance on the unconventional method.

Most do not realize that the treatment, known as the Joe Tippens Protocol, actually entails more than just taking fenbendazole. It’s actually a regimen of multiple products including fenbendazole, CBD oil, curcumin, berberines and vitamin E. The vitamin E has now been labeled as “optional” due to the possible medication interactions, but is still used by many people who are using the protocol.


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