We know now that SARS-CoV2 is spread through respiratory droplets produced when an infected person sneezes, coughs, shouts, talks expressively or sings. Since the early days of the pandemic, the air-borne nature of the virus has become clearer, and we’ve been instructed to wear masks when in public.

One idea floating around the hemp CBD community comes from a paper titled “In Search of Preventative Strategies: Novel Anti-inflammatory High CBD Cannabis Sativa Extracts Modulate ACE2 Expression in COVID-19 Gateway Tissues.” The basic idea is that COVID enters the body through the mouth or nose by binding with ACE2 receptors there. Since cannabinoids also bind with ACE2, theoretically they should block entry of the COVID virus. 

The paper and comments can be reviewed here.

There is one pre-publication review, written by Jordan Curl, who is a former Marine turned cannabis consultant, which I expect aims in the right direction. Here it is in its entirety:

“It is very interesting that this organization points out this was a high CBD extract from a chemovar of cannabis SATIVA. They say they screened 1000s of plants of which only a few had that characteristic. My guess is that they found some phenotype higher in “minor” cannabinoids and don’t want to say. Look at the analytics and they show THC/CBD only. Aside from being a blatant advertising plug, it also doesn’t factor in terpene content or other cannabinoids which are known to have synergistic effects together with THC and CBD.”

Curl is referring to the entourage effect, which we at Laura’s Homestead Alternatives think likely is a powerful one. Read more about the science here.

Because of this, we at Laura’s Homestead Alternatives only produce full-spectrum CBD, extracted from USDA-Certified, Mt. Folly grown organic hemp. Hemp plants contain more than 100 cannabinoids and terpenes. We trust the plant, trust nature, and are not trying to patent nature either!

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